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Our Adoption Story


"Let's have a baby..."

That is what I said to Jodi, literally 4 days after our wedding in 2009. I'll never forget the look she gave me. LOL. It's been my desire for as long as I can remember to be a dad someday, but we both agreed to wait a couple of years to start a family. Our now 8-year journey of infertility has had more downs than ups, but I'm so thankful for Jodi, Jesus, and loving friends and family who have gotten behind us. We don't have a sob story, we have a glory story! The story of the faithfulness of Jesus and His goodness towards us. Before we knew that natural children were not in our future (barring a miracle) God placed a deep desire in our hearts to adopt children one day. In fact, we set up an adoption fund in our budget during our first year of marriage. Now, we are moving towards 'Domestic Infant Adoption' and I can't wait to see Jodi hold our baby in the near future. It wells me with emotions and gratitude just thinking about it.

Ok, let me get some space in here. This is Jodi now :). Adoption was never our Plan B it was always a part of our Plan A.  I just never imagined the journey of adoption would be paired with an infertility story as well. Infertility is a part of our story but only a part. Through the pain and tears of infertility, I have learned that God is good and I am a victor over my circumstances instead of a victim of my circumstances. Very early on in my story, I told God that I would not let infertility define me. Instead, I will be defined by who You are and who You say I am. During our years of infertility, we have chosen to make an impact. We have traveled the world telling people of Jesus, ministered to the individual and to the thousands. I still carry the grief of infertility but I know that my God is good.  We know babies bring joy and complications and we can't wait for both. Thanks for stopping by!

We will be emailing updates, videos, and stories along our adoption journey.

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