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6 Tips For Writing Ministry Updates

1. Communicate more frequently In this time of COVID-19 the more communication, you have the better. If you are doing once a month updates I want to encourage you to move to bi-weekly or even weekly updates. They don’t have to be longwinded but it helps people stay on track with the changes that are happening in your world.

2. Include a short update on COVID-19 in every update Things are changing almost daily with COVID-19. People want to know how it is affecting you. They want to know if you are healthy, if your team is healthy if there are any regulation changes in your area. Even if you shared in your last update about COVID-19 share again! You can share it as prayer points if you don’t want to include it in the main body of your update but share, share, share.

3. Keep a focus on what you are doing in ministry.

Maybe you are not in your country of service right now. That is ok. Fill people in on how you are still connecting with the mission and vision. Share personal stories of the ministry you are doing. If you are interceding during this time take time to let them know what that looks like for you. Remember a good rule of thumb is that your updates should be 20% personally focused and 80% ministry focused.

4. Mention specific prayer requests & answered prayer Be specific in your prayer needs. Invite people into the struggles you are facing with COVID-19 and the ministry. Activate intercessors during this time. Keep them informed of how their prayers are being answered. End with hope.

5. Abundantly thank your supporters Overflow with thankfulness to your supporters. This is especially important as many people’s financial situation is changing and jobs are being affected. Go above and beyond with thanking them for their financial support.

6. Get Feedback Take some time to contact a few key people who receive your updates to get feedback. Great questions to ask are: Are my updates clear? Do you understand what I am doing? Do you know what the needs are in my ministry and for me personally? Are they vision-oriented? What is missing?

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