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A more fruitful YOU!

Just a little over 2 years ago, a mentor took me on a trip to Africa that I’ll never forget. We visited 17 cities in 21 days. Slept in a new bed almost every night. Ate wild food. The whole 9 yards. This pic is from a 5 hour boat ride off the shores of Tanzania.

Now when I went on this trip I was already a missionary for almost 12 years, but something radically changed inside of me regarding missions and God’s kingdom. That’s the power of short term missions! Don’t let anyone tell you different. You will see fruitful ministry, but you will also see a more fruitful YOU!

While our schedules and travel are stopped during COVID-19, I was able to reflect on major moments of my life over the past few years. This is one of them. Kenya. Tanzania. I’ll never be the same!

Looking forward to 1000’s of revivalists launching to the nations over these next years.

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