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Engaging The Next Generation Tip #2 of 4: MORE HONEY, LESS VINEGAR.

It used to be the louder you were as a leader, the more effective you were. Picture a board room. Yelling. Slamming down binders. LOUD NOISES! Not the case anymore. Now your leadership is capped at your level of AUTHENTICITY. (not how loud, but how real) We all need to motivate those around us, but authentic motivation and real encouragement are vital to the next generation. And just an FYI, ‘the encouragement sandwich’ is no longer useful. “You have nice hair, you suck at your job, you’re so punctual!” It’s like the magic trick that everyone knows. If motivating and drawing out the best from young people is your goal, then embodying the role of an encourager must be your mission. Social media has slowly turned the next gen into an over-introspective, super-anxious, self-conscious generation. If you knew ‘the tape’ that was playing inside of their heads, you would be shocked and overcome with empathy. Vinegar is sharp and has a kick. Let that fade away from your leadership style. And go ahead pick up that honey. Sweet and smooth. And let a little ‘positive, encouraging K-Love’ flow out of you.

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