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Engaging The Next Generation Tip #3 of 4: AUTHORITY, NOT TITLES.

Figuring out ‘buy-in’ from the next generation can be tricky. But one of the answers lies within the difference between delegating authority versus deputized titles. A Dwight Schrute-esque ‘assistant TO the regional manager’ title just doesn’t cut it for the next gen. They have a deep longing for real work. While having a name plate with a job role provides work clarity, it doesn’t crack the code for connecting to the next gen’s core processor. They desire to solve real problems and hold real responsibility.

Now, are they ready and able to lead at the capacity you empower them at? Who knows. Most likely at their age, you weren’t either! I know I wasn’t! But either way this creates a great opportunity to disciple and journey with the next generation at a deep level. People learn in the classroom, but grow the most in the field. The next gen needs skin in the game. Don’t launch them out as orphans to tackle a task, but delegate authority and coach them to success!

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