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Engaging The Next Generation Tip #4 of 4: WE, NOT ME.

I’m not ANTI-nouns, in fact I’m PRO-nouns. Pronouns are so important. Especially the ‘inclusive ones’ to the next generation. Internal alarms start sounding when a leader says ‘me’, ‘my’ ‘mine’ more than ‘we’, ‘ours’, ‘us’. Now that doesn’t make those leaders evil and it doesn’t mean the next gen are cupcakes. What it means is that God has hardwired the next gen to do battle together.

Joshua Finley, a friend and mentor of mine says, “you better believe the next generation wants to take mountains, but more importantly they want to take them together!” I couldn’t say it better.

The vision we cast as leaders, must be about a preferred future, but also about a tribe coming together to fulfill that vision. Places that use community (we, us, ours) language and culture are the places where the next generation will be drawn!

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