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It's Healthy At The Top #3 of 4: Timing is everything.

You ever see something that is the right idea but wrong timing? It’s painful! One of the most important things that executive leaders have to know is their drive and desire to see things happen (yesterday) can lead to patterns of unhealthiness. Workaholism. Confusion. Manipulating people. Burnout. Don’t let the URGENCY of mission rob you of the WISDOM of sustainability. Executive leaders live at 30,000 feet. We see the future clearly. We know things need to happen today to get us on track for the next decade.

This usually tends to create a sense of urgency that others around us do not feel. The tension of 2025 could look like if we don’t get a move on it! But here is a formula that could help you: GOD IDEAS - GOD TIMING = MANMADE. You see God has given leaders VISION, but he also gives a METRONOME. This helps us steward the right ideas and execute them in His timing. The only way to get in sync with God’s timing is to allow myself to be in His presence and let all my ambition/energy/hype leave the building for that moment. Don’t let the dream die, but you need to die to the dream! That is the safest place for an executive leader to be!

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