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It's Healthy At The Top Key # 1 of 4: WHO NOT WHAT.

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Yearly reviews. Quarterly evaluations. KPI's. TPS reports. :) Metrics are vital for organizational health. But if you are in executive leadership, it’s not so much about WHAT you are producing, but WHO you are producing. You will still be engaged in the mission, but now you are the chief stakeholder of deploying that mission. And guess what?! It’s not through you! It’s through those who surround you. As an executive leader you are in the PEOPLE business, not using them as pawns for a game, but empowering them as a leaders for a mission.

When I see a church or ministry that is stunted in growth, it’s usually because a FEW people do MANY things. And it’s usually the leadership that does EEEEEEVVVVVEERRRYTHING. They mix up the 'modeling' necessary for others with the 'empowering' necessary to grow those around them. And sadly it becomes a dam for multiplication and health. Now the organizations ‘reach’ is only as far as the leaders wingspan. And that’s a scary thing!

As an executive leader, the more you stay in the day to day, the less your mission will be fulfilled. Find ways to empower those around you in a fresh way. Delegation is the name of the game and can be very useful if done the right way. Unhealthy leaders will always drive the WHAT instead of the WHO and that culture starts to eat itself alive. Let's be leaders that set our priorities right and give away what has been given to us.

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