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Ring ring....

Infertility and adoption are yoked together in an amazing, emotional journey. There is no getting around that. Our home study process was approved a couple months and since then we have received 2 calls for a potential match with an expectant mother. One of the calls could have put a baby in our house before Thanksgiving! Haha, potentially a little Seidler turkey to have around for the holidays. :) Both of these opportunities did not pan out, but they helped us experience the emotions and expectations that go along with the territory.

The first call we got, I (Alex) was on the floor having a hard time breathing. We had just checked into a hotel for a ministry weekend and then we received that first call from our agency. Jodi was just laughing and calmly writing down the information we were receiving. I kept perching my head on the bed long enough to lock eyes with Jodi and mouth "THIS IS CRAZY". And that's what this is. A crazy waiting season. Waiting for a (716) area code number to call us with a potential match. Then having 12-24 hours to make a decision to have your 'family intro book' shown. Then waiting again to see if you are chosen.

Overall, we trust God in the waiting and know there is a perfect match for us out there. It's wild thinking of God's timing. And we are in the middle of the Holiday season celebrating Christ's birth. He came to us at the PERFECT time! And it also says in Romans 5:6, "at the right time, He gave His life for us..." Perfect birth. Perfect sacrifice. Perfect timing.

And that's the timing we are trusting in and living for; not ours, but His!

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